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Time Tracker Scheduling Software - Specifications

Time Tracker - Scheduling Software Specifications

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Scheduling Software that is Easy to Use

Time Tracker scheduling software is easy to use, yet is still highly configurable. Time Tracker is capable of handling the most complex schedules in a user friendly manner.

Software Image, Click for Larger View Software Image, Click for Larger View

Time Tracker has highly flexible display options. The two screen images above are of the exact same schedules in the same software. The only difference is that each was configured with different display properties. The second version uses color to distinguish employee types. If you have a large format, high resolution monitor you can expand the schedule to show much more information at a glance.

Context Scheduling™

Unlike most employee scheduling software, Time Tracker allows you to visually maintain your coverage. In the above examples, you can clearly see the coverage for each shift. That is because all the shifts are grouped together. You can see each shifts' bookings. You can see those that are filled and those that aren't. You can see the coverage for each shift before and after. All the shifts are in their logical order because you can control the layout.

Time Tracker also monitors and validates all events in the scheduling process. Schedules are cross-referenced with vacation, sick, compensation and other time-off. You are alerted when they conflict. Time Tracker notifies you when specific reminders regarding an employee are due. It can alert you when an employee's certification is about to expire, or that they are to attend a seminar or anything else that you choose. Time Tracker will monitor your employees scheduled times and warn you about expensive errors such as double bookings or overtime situations. You can even track an employee's refusals to work.

Only Time Tracker has Context Scheduling™.

Access Your Schedules Remotely

In order to distribute schedules remotely, send them via email or post them online (reports can be generated in PDF, HTML or MS Word formats). To facilitate the remote updating and managing of Time Tracker's schedules, you might consider some the many products or services that deliver such functionality (for further discussion see Online Schedules).

Assitance: Help, Movies or Contact Us

Time Tracker has "context sensitive help". When you press the "Help" key, it knows what you are doing within the software and automatically displays the pages of the manual relating to the task at hand. The on-line manual is always there with you as you work.

Software Help Image, Click for Larger View
The online manual has narrated movies.

Employee Scheduling Software Videos

It's almost like having us there, right beside you.

Or, if you would like to talk to someone, give us a call, our support staff are happy to help.

Much More Than Schedules

As you produce schedules, Time Tracker is recording a database of employee activity. This database allows you to generate a wide variety of reports that summarize and analyze activity over time.

Reports can be saved as HTML, PDF or Microsoft Word files. Have your staff access their schedules anywhere. Save them on your network, post them to a website or email them as an attachment.

A partial list of the scheduling software's many reports:
  • Management Schedules
  • Employee Activity Calendar
  • Employee Schedules
  • Schedule Charts
  • Daily Roster
  • Weekly Roster
  • Activity Detail
  • Booking Detail
  • Activity Summaries
  • Time Off
  • Vacation Requests
  • Absence
  • Activity Variance
  • Schedule Refusals
  • Activity Charts
  • Hourly Coverage
  • Actual vs Required Staffing Levels
  • and more...
More than 44 comprehensive reports, each supporting multiple variations. Sample them, with our
Free Trial Scheduling Software.

Post schedules online. Make them available to staff, anywhere and anytime.
Sample Online Schedules

E-mail schedules
E-mail schedules directly
to your employees

Time Tracker Will Save You Time and Reduce Errors.

The old way to scheduleOur software is designed to automate the scheduling process. It automates a process that when done manually, can take hours or even days to maintain. Time Tracker can dramatically reduce this administrative expense.

When you create a new schedule, Time Tracker will first update it with the bookings that are to known to be repeated within the schedule. Each new schedule is automatically filled with bookings from the Schedule Patterns. You save time because you only have to make adjustments to reflect exceptions. Time Tracker does the rest for you.

Time Tracker reduces expensive errors by catching them before they happen. When you book an employee for a shift, Time Tracker will present you with a list of employees to choose from. It will only show those employees eligible to work that shift. You reduce errors because you are not able to violate certain rules.

You may also select employees by specifying an employee type or employee attribute. For example; you may need to pick from all of the full time employees who have first aid training and who are willing to work nights. The software will search through the employee database and instantly display only those employees who meet your requirements and who are available for that particular shift. You also have the choice of how to sort the employees listed. The resulting list can be sorted by name, by seniority or by total hours booked in the rotation.

The final result is always a schedule which is clear and easy to read. Time Tracker gives you the results that you need.

Scheduling Software That Will Ensure Accuracy and Save Money

When you are booking an employee for a shift, Time Tracker will consult its rules database and warn you of any irregularities. The software will warn you when an employee is:

  • booked for overtime hours
  • booked off sick
  • on vacation
  • unavailable
  • being booked for a double shift
  • scheduled for a reminder (i.e. certification, license, etc.)
  • exceeding the maximum number of consecutive days
  • exceeding maximum hours
  • exceeding allotted vacation days
  • booked twice on the same day or shift
  • booked for shifts that overlap
  • and more...
Double check a booking by clicking on the check button.

Check for Conflicts

Time Tracker will report any conficts.

Time Tracker Allows You to Define Many of Its Features

The software allows you to define:

  • any size rotation (start date and duration)
  • any number of Schedule Patterns ( varying lengths)
  • any number of locations
  • any number of shifts
  • shift patterns (build schedules with any combination of shifts and locations)
  • any number of employee types
  • any number of employee attributes
  • detail employee information
  • and more...

Time Tracker allows you to add colors to your screens. There are 48 predefined colors. Define different colors for each location, shift and employee type. Schedule in color

For each employee recorded, the software stores the following information:

  • name, address, phone
  • emergency phone and contact
  • employee type
  • date of birth, start date and end date
  • ID number, Health number
  • rate of pay
  • seniority
  • availability by location, shift & days of the week
  • location availability
  • shift availablity
  • whether the employee is available for overtime or call in
  • maximum consecutive days of work the employee may perform
  • an unlimited number of employee attributes may be specified (eg.CPR training, willing to work nights, etc)
  • an unlimited reminders (i.e. certification, license, etc.)
  • special note field for recording miscellaneous information (unlimited sized)
Employees may even log in with their own ID and submit vacation requests and generate their own reports.

Scheduling Software Customization

Time Tracker is loaded with features and can be configured to the needs of most organizations. However, there are situations where some customization may be required. Asgard Systems also offers custom software services to meet your specific needs.

Full Network Support

Time Tracker is fully network compatible. It supports the features necessary to maintain a central scheduling database on a multi-user system. Time Tracker supports:

  • unlimited concurrent user access
  • user id and password protection
  • different access levels for different user ids
  • file sharing (more than one user accessing the same data file at the same time)
  • record locking (data protected from multi-user contention errors)

Software Requirements

Time Tracker is a powerful tool that does a great many things. It is therefore beneficial to use a computer that is equally capable. The following specifications are the recommended hardware configurations for using Time Tracker.


  • Pentium II Processor (or better)
  • MS Windows 98 (or better)
  • Internet Explorer (3.0 or later) for HTML help support
  • 8 Meg. Main Memory (or greater)
  • 10 Meg. Hard Disk space (or more)
  • Outlook for email (optional)
  • Excel for importing/exporting (optional)

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