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Security and Reliability

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Software Security

Time Tracker Security

Time Tracker gives you the ability to control who can access the software and the scheduling features that they will have access to.

User ID and Password

Our employee scheduling software allows each user with access to the system to have their own user ID and password. Each user has the ability to change their passwords at any time to ensure complete confidentiality.

User Security Level

Time Tracker has four levels of user security

  • Administrator has complete access to all features including maintenance and security functions.
  • User may enter, edit and view all data but does not have access to maintenance and security functions.
  • Guest can only view information without being able to enter or edit.
  • Employee may log on with their own ID, submit vacation requests and generate their own reports.

Audit Trail

Each time a user logs in an entry is made in the audit file recording the user name, workstation and date/time logged in and logged out.

Currently Logged in Users

On a network, the administrator can view the list of users who are currently using the program.

Software Reliability

Software Reliability

Time Tracker has been engineered from the ground up to deliver reliable and accurate scheduling.

Error Trapping

The software's unique error trapping abilities prevent scheduling errors before they occur.

Error messages stop users from making an error and explain why the operation has been halted. Warning messages alert users to potential scheduling problems and suggest courses of action.

Database Integrity

Time Tracker uses Microsoft's state of the art relational database technology.

As with any computer software there is always the possibility that files may get damaged. Time Tracker scans all files upon start up and detects problems with the data. Often data integrity routines can detect errors and repair them automatically without the user even knowing that an error was present.

Software Integrity

Our software has been completely written using Microsoft development platforms, meeting Microsoft standards. Our approach ensures a very high level of compatiblity with Microsoft operating systems.

Time Tracker has been tested extensively and proven at beta user sites before being released to the market. We are confident enough to guarantee our software by providing fixes free to any user who can find a bug.

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