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Employee Scheduling Software - Since 1983

Scheduling Software - Since 1983

Since 1983 Asgard Systems Inc has been developing employee scheduling software. Our original objective was to develop a program that would meet the scheduling needs of a wide variety of organizations. Flexibility is the key to our success. We recognize the diverse requirements of our many customers. Requirements specific for one organization may not be for another - even within the same industry.

Originally, our program was a DOS based application. It was great little program that was creatively designed to overcome the technological boundaries of the time. Things have changed and many new versions of Microsoft Windows have been released. In following the trend, many new versions of our software have been written and redesigned. We have come a long way.

Of course being technically astute does not necessarily produce great employee scheduling software. It is our customer's needs and requirements that generate the many new features. By listening to their suggestions we are pleased to incorporate them into our software. We view our Time Tracker software as an element of our customer's larger information processes. Our development takes into account both human and organizational needs. The end result is a fantastic program that satisfies the needs of our clientele. Don't take our word for it, be sure to download our Free Trial Scheduling Software.

Scheduling Software Reviews:

"It's the fact that we can define an unlimited number of schedule patterns that sold us. Schedule patterning or rostering is how we schedule."
Volunteer Coordinator (University/College/School)

"We run a 24 hour operation. Time Tracker is the only Pharmacy scheduling software that can do the job for us. There is a learning curve. Of course, many features mean more learning - it was worth the effort."
Pharmacist (Pharmacy / Retail / Store)

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