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Are we 99% there; but that missing 1% is a big issue?

We do software customization!

It is normal to have requirements which are specific to your organization. Many organizations have union contracts, government requirements or company policies which create unique employee scheduling needs. We are willing to modify our base software to satisfy your specific requirements.

Is there something that we missed?

We listen!

Let us know what enhancements you would like to see. We are constantly adding to our feature list for the next release.

Software Integration

We communicate!

There are many 3rd party products (e.g. HR , payroll) that can be integrated with our systems. Information flow and accuracy greatly improves with a little integration. The ability to connect another system with our software is very likely.

Bundling Made Easy

We cooperate!

If you are a distributor of complimentary products, we would like to hear from you. By adding Time Tracker to your product mix, you may be able to provide a more complete solution to your clients. If we can be of help, please let us know.

Scheduling Software Reviews:

"The trial version of Time Tracker is the exact same as the purchased product. We created schedules with the trial version and made possibly one call for support. When we purchased the software, the licensed version was applied to our trial data. All of our existing schedules where retained and intact - very easy."
Warehouse Manager (Retail Warehouse)

"Compared with other scheduling software, the cost of usage is very low. With the version that we purchased, the cost of usage over 3 years is $4.25 per employee."
Production Manager (Manufacturing)

Trialware Professional Association


Scheduling Software Contacts

Contact us by phone or e-mail:
(905) 527-4269
(9am to 5pm EST)

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