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Time Tracker - New Software Features

Since the release of version 5.1, our developers just couldn't stop. They have added more and more significant features to release 5.1. It is quite probable - even if you are working with version 5.1 - you are not up-to-date. Release numbers mean a lot, but they don't mean everything. If you need to update, let your IT department know that new features have been added.

The most recent great feature added, is the ability to:
Directly e-mail employees individual schedules. Reports that support this new feature are: Employee Activity Calendar, Activity Detail, Booking Detail, Time Off Detail, Weekly Roster by Employee, Employee Definition, Employee Reminders and Refusals.

Should you be missing this feature, you probably are missing others as well. Please, check the latest features below to ensure you have them all.

Time Tracker Scheduling Software Release 5.1

Version 5.1 - Scheduling Software

Time Tracker 5.1 scheduling software has many new features and enhancements that deliver information better than ever.

The primary focus of this new release is to increase the flexibility and control of the scheduling process. Many improvements have been made to the general look, feel and functioning of the software.

Software Image, Click for Larger View
Schedule Layout

Resize it, adjust it, display more information, display less information.

The new Time Tracker features are as follows:
  • The schedule maintenance module automatically partitions the schedule window. When horizontal scrolling is applied, Location and Shift columns automatically remain stationary.
  • The automatic Location and Shift partition is cleaner, neater and smaller than the old manual style. The result is a better display and more information.
  • The Location columns (in the Schedule maintenance grid) may display the Location description and the Location notes. It is now easier to make scheduling decisions based upon specific Location information.
  • The Shift columns (in the Schedule maintenance grid) may display the Shift description as well as the start & end times. This is great for organizations with large numbers of shifts. Identifying specific shifts and their associated times is easier than ever.
  • The Booking columns (in the Schedule maintenance grid) may display more Booking information. In addition to displaying the Employee name, you can now choose to display the Employee Type, Booking start & end times and the Booking notes. This means greater control and more at-a-glance Booking information on the grid.
  • Booking cell sizes can be adjusted to provide more space for all of the new information being displayed. All cells in the Schedule maintenance grid can be resized horizontally and vertically. Greater software control.
  • All icons and graphical images have been improved greatly.
  • Subtle changes to the general color scheme have been made. Nicer looking software.
  • Improved performance, speeds up a number of functions.
  • When scheduling employees, the employee selection list is automatically sized to make the most of your display area.
  • The Daily Sign in Roster and the Daily Roster By Shift reports allow for filtering by Employee Type.
  • The Employee List report allows you to list active employees only.
  • A Time-Off Detail report has been added. Listed is each employee's Time-Off for specified date ranges.
  • The Time-Off Chart report has the ability to list Time-off (i.e. Vacation) recorded into the future. Even when no schedules exist.
  • An Activity Variance Detail report has been added. Compares defined shift hours with actual hours worked. Helps to spot deficiencies and determine over-time hours. Filter by Location, Employee Type and specified date ranges.
  • An Activity Variance Summary report has been added. Compares total shift hours with actual hours worked. Helps to spot deficiencies and determine over-time hours. Filter by Location, Employee Type and specified date ranges.
  • When employees have been removed from bookings - as a result of time-off being taken - the Live Schedule report now prints the reason.
  • The software now uses the term "Comp" for Compensation Time (formerly "Lieu" time). The majority of our users are more familiar with the term.
  • Employees may now log in with their own ID, submit vacation requests and generate their own reports.
  • Color on key reports. Simplifies and improves report analysis. Color support is based on location, shift and employee type definitions.
  • Reports can now be saved as HTML, PDF and Microsoft Word files. Have your staff access their schedules anywhere. Save them on your network, post them to a website or email them as an attachment.
  • A new calendar report has been added. Live Schedule bookings are reformatted into a calendar layout by location.
  • Required staffing levels can be recorded for each location, shift and days of the week.
  • Staffing levels are analyzed in the Live Schedule Staffing Levels report. Actual bookings vs. required bookings are compared and totaled.
  • Should hardware failures corrupt your data, you may not have to restore from backups. Recovery processes repair more issues than before.
  • A Vacation request report has been added. Shows vacation allocation, requested and approved.
  • Vacation requests entered by employees can now include hours. Nice feature for specifying partial days.
  • Improved software installation process for the Vista OS.
  • The Schedule Maintenance Window is smoother to navigate (less jump). Scroll your schedules with a little more refinement.
  • The Daily Roster by Shift report has the additional sorted order of employee type and last name.
  • Cosmetic problems with the Vista OS have been addressed.
  • More focused analysis by Location. The four reports "Activity Variance Detail", "Booking Detail", "Activity Summary" and "Activity Variance Summary" now support data listings in Employee or Location order.
  • A new compressed format option for the reports: Live Schedule, Schedule Pattern and Roster by Shift.
  • Employee definitions allow for the recording of a Seniority Status date. Use the Seniority Status to denote when employees have acquired new qualifications or a new status.
  • The "Employee Selection List" - as applied when booking employees - can be sequenced in Seniority Status order.
  • Publish schedules on the internet. Allow remote access to documents hosted on free web-sites. Time Tracker will now link to the designated sites where you distribute your documents.
  • Learn how to Publish Schedules Online . You do not have to be an internet guru and you can do it for free.
  • The "Live Weekly Roster by Employee" report has been improved. If an employee's information spans to the next page, the page footing will have the printed notification that "the employee's information continues on the next page".
  • Directly e-mail employees individual schedules. Reports that support this new feature are: Employee Activity Calendar, Activity Detail, Booking Detail, Time Off Detail, Weekly Roster by Employee, Employee Definition, Employee Reminders and Refusals.
  • A few minor bugs have been identified and promptly fixed.
  • More changes are under development and are due shortly...
The managing of the scheduling process is easier and more flexible than before. Below are just a few of the many ways that you can control the schedule layout:

Software Image, Click for Larger View Software Image, Click for Larger View

Time Tracker Scheduling Software Release 4.3

Time Tracker Version 4.3 - Scheduling Software

The previous version of Time Tracker was enhanced with the following features:

  • The reports "Weekly Roster" and "Weekly Roster by Employee" allow for filtering by location.
  • Detailed movies embedded in the Help text. A great learning tool for new users or replacement staff. Learning is now easier than ever.
  • The "Live Activity Calendar" has an abbreviate feature. Booking information can now be condensed to one line.
  • Two employee phone numbers are displayed on the "employee selection list".
  • Recent Microsoft Service Packs had rendered Time Tracker's help inaccessible in rare circumstances. Full access has been restored.
  • Improved message dialogues on how to add new schedules, schedule rows and bookings. This is very beneficial for new users and replacement staff.
  • A new "Quarter Hour Coverage" report has been added.
  • Graphs have been included with the "Coverage" reports.
  • "Activity Detail" and "Booking Detail" reports enable bookings to be sorted by start time for each employee.
  • Schedule booking cells can be pasted to a range of selected cells. It's a great way to improve the efficiency of Copying & Pasting.
  • You can now select schedule booking cells by dragging your mouse across the schedule.
  • New definition reports have been added for; employee attributes, employee types, locations, shifts, sick time types, vacation time types, other time types and lieu time types.
  • Schedule Note reports have been added. You can now print the documented anomalies and issues of your schedules.
  • The "Employee Calendar" report allows you to filter by employee type.
  • Time Off information can now be maintained by using date ranges. This is very helpful for coordinating large volumes of Time Off information for an employee.
  • Generate Live Schedules with Time Tracker automatically taking action for Time Off conflicts. Set this feature up how you like it. Have it silently take the appropriate action or review each conflict one-by-one.
  • Booking cells now document when employees have been removed as a result of Time Off. Should an employee be removed due to Time Off, the text "Sick", "Vacation", "Other" or "Lieu" is displayed as applicable.
  • You can now right-click on schedule booking cells that are empty due Time Off. The Time Off module will be displayed and the employee originally booked is highlighted.
  • The Time Tracker logo has a more sophisticated stylish look.
  • A few bugs have been identified and promptly fixed.
  • A few cosmetic changes have been made.
  • You can now specify the availability or preferences of each employee. You can designate locations, shifts and days of the week that an employee is eligible to work. Selections are made by dragging your mouse pointer over a desired group of components, or by clicking on the single item desired.
  • When scheduling employees, the employee selection list has a new column that identifies available employees with a big blue check mark. Should you select an unavailable employee the system will warn you as well.
  • The employee selection list can be sorted to have the available employees at the top of the list. Gives you the control that you need.
  • The employee selection list has the overlap column in bold red characters. You will readily distinguish employees already booked elsewhere.
  • New versions of Time Tracker can now be downloaded (by those with the support plan) on as desired basis.

Time Tracker Scheduling Software Release 4.2

Time Tracker Version 4.2 - Scheduling Software

Version 4.2 of Time Tracker was enhanced with the following features:

  • Report column headings that had date information are no longer abbreviated. It makes them a little easier to read.
  • The report "Schedule Roster by Shift" now includes booking notes to provide more detailed reporting.
  • The reports "Live Schedule" and "Schedule Pattern" now include booking notes. The notes can be included or excluded. They can also be sized to a desired number of rows.
  • Time Tracker reports and the Live Schedule window now clearly distinguish statutory holidays.
  • The "Time-off" report now accumulates lieu time earned.
  • Pop-up calendars have been improved. Just another little enhancement.
  • There is a new "Employee Calendar" report. It shows employee activity in a calendar style.
  • Schedule Patterns now show the full date on column headings.
  • Schedule Patterns have the same "swap" and "replace" functionality as applied in Live Schedules.
  • Bookings can now start on the "current", "previous" or "next" day.
  • Warning messages will now tell you the shifts that conflict with bookings start and end times. This makes it easier to assess the conflict. This also enables you to define shifts as "unavailable" and track staff that are deemed as such.
  • No longer will you needlessly be warned when an employee works multiple shifts on the same day.
  • There are the new reports "Live Schedule Coverage" and "Schedule Pattern Coverage" that analyze your organizations coverage.
  • Time Tracker will warn you when recording Time-off that conflicts with an existing booking. You now have the option to directly remove the booking in conflict.
  • Time Tracker will alert you when booking for a date that conflicts with Time-off. It will tell you the specific Time-off type. This will enable you to clearly distinguish if the conflicting Time-off type is of a designation such as "Awaiting Approval" or "Unconfirmed".
  • Warning messages will be given when an employee is being booked for more than the maximum consecutive days.
  • The reports "Activity Detail", "Activity Summary" and "Booking Detail" now allow for filtering by location. This is an ideal feature for organizations with many locations being scheduled.
  • The help text has been greatly enhanced.
  • The software manual is now available in Microsoft Word format.
  • "Schedule" reports now show rows that are blank. These reports now also have the option to start on a new page for each new location and to provide totals based on the location.
  • Schedule maintenance is now easier perform. The "Row" component of the "Schedule Properties" is easier to use. This improvement is very helpful for organizations with a high number of location and shift combinations to maintain.
  • Location Definitions now allow you to record location notes. Use it for recording any additional information about a location (address, duties, etc.).
  • When Live Schedules are being created you can now pick and choose which Schedule Patterns are to be implemented.
  • Copy & Paste has been greatly enhanced. You can now block huge sections of bookings to copy and paste. You can even block whole schedules if you like. You can copy and paste from one Live Scheduling period to another. You can also copy from a Schedule Pattern to a Live Schedule (and vice-versa). This feature can really save a lot of work. It even has many advanced features that allow you to finely tune the paste process. Keyboard commands "CTRL-C", "CTRL-V" and "DEL" have been added for easier manipulation of blocked bookings.
  • A global toolbar has been added to facilitate easier access for commonly used modules.
  • The employee data entry module no longer automatically fills in the employee start date.
  • A new report "Live Schedule Calendar" has been added to the application.
  • Reminders (i.e. certification, License, etc.) can now be added for each employee. Alerts will be issued when bookings are being recorded when reminders are due. Outstanding reminders can also be examined on the supplementary "Reminders" report.
  • Schedule Patterning can now be lengthened or shortened. The Schedule Pattern relative dates can also be adjusted.
  • Live Schedules can now have fixed or variable lengths. The new variable length schedules are real asset for organization that need to schedule for fluctuating periods of time (i.e. varying project lengths, monthly periods, etc.)
  • Improved color orientation
  • The report "Time-off" allows you to filter for those employees with Time-off only.
  • Time Tracker now has Import / Export capabilities with Microsoft Excel. It is a fast way to quickly and accurately share information with other programs or to create your own reports. The import feature allows you to load employee information from Excel spreadsheets. This new software feature pre-checks your data for errors before importing information. Problems are easily identified and corrected. Time Tracker also exports booking information to Excel Spreadsheets. You can use your scheduling information to create your own reports or to export to other applications.
  • The employee selection list (as presented when bookings are being made) has a new column titled "Overlap". This column now displays information about other events (for each employee) that could conflict with the current booking. Such events can be a "Booking", "Vacation", "Sick", "Other" or "Lieu". You can easily identify employees with conflicts before selecting them.
  • The employee selection list (as presented when bookings are being made) will now retain any changes that you make to it; either temporarily or permanently. Such changes may be column widths, sorted order or sequence (ascending or descending). Set this list up the way you like and have it function the way you need it to - every time.

Scheduling Software Reviews:

"Originally, we overlooked Time Tracker. We thought that you had to pay a lot to get a lot. A detailed study of employee scheduling software is not easy and we reached a lot of dead ends. Eventually we looked at Time Tracker and were very impressed. It is a fantastic product that costs a fraction of it's competitors."
Personnel Manager (Travel Agency)

"It's the fact that we can define an unlimited number of schedule patterns that sold us. Schedule patterning or rostering is how we schedule."
Volunteer Coordinator (University/College/School)

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