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Employee Scheduling Software

Time Tracker scheduling software allows you to automate and analyze staff schedules quickly and efficiently. Costly errors are reduced, adjustments are easily made. Schedules are generated in seconds with this easy to use software.

Our Time Tracker scheduling software is more than just employee scheduling! Time Tracker tracks work, vacation, sick, compensation, refusals, reminders, availability, employee attributes and user defined other time. It analyses past activity, projects schedules into the future and prepares data for payroll.

Join the thousands of users who have already installed Time Tracker. Take a Product Tour. Try Time Tracker for free.

Time Tracker - Employee Scheduling Software

Time Tracker - Employee Scheduling Software

$250.00 ONE-TIME purchase, NO hosting fees.

Employee Scheduling In Context To All Activities

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Only Time Tracker has Context Scheduling™

Scheduling an employee is rarely an isolated event. The resources and needs of an organization must be evaluated and accounted for. Effective schedules are designed in context to all factors. Time Tracker's Context Scheduling™ allows for the control of these factors - in context to each other.

The software's schedule maintenance is through a visual representation of employee activity within the context of the whole organization. Schedules are managed in consideration to work, vacation, sick, comp-time, skills, availability, employee attributes, overall coverage and more. With Time Tracker software; data is validated, cross-referenced, stored and summarized in a way that provides complete information for decision-making.

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More than 44 comprehensive reports, each supporting multiple variations. Sample them, with our
Free Trial Scheduling Software.
Post schedules online. Make them available to staff, anywhere and anytime.
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E-mail schedules
E-mail schedules directly to your employees

Thank you to our customers. Their suggestions have helped make our employee scheduling software one of the best solutions.

Scheduling Software Reviews:

Nurse Scheduling Software "The error trapping is amazing. I hardly ever make scheduling mistakes anymore. Changes are easily made and staff are e-mailed their schedules as they are updated."
Nurse Coordinator (Nursing Home)

Doctor / Physician Scheduling Software"Staff & physician schedules are effortlessly managed with the Time Tracker software. We shopped around and it's the best medical scheduling software available."
Family Physician (Medical Clinic)

"It was the robust scheduling features that sold us. It is a great program and we loved the price. With the one-time purchase of the 2,000 employee version, we paid about $1 per employee."
Shift Supervisor (Electrical Utilities)

Factory / Manufacturing Scheduling Software"We reviewed seven other employee scheduling programs. We actually tried three of them. Time Tracker is the most comprehensive and flexible product on the market."
Human Resources Manager (Manufacturing Facility)

"Our business is developing, distributing and supporting software. We know what to look for in a well-designed system. Your program clearly is a winner."
Call Center Manager (Software Vendor, Call Center Scheduling)

Medical Laboratory Scheduling Software "Context Scheduling is fantastic. It allows us to book shifts in context to all bookings (before, during and after). Other scheduling software that we have tried, have completely separate schedules for each employee and that doesn't work."
Personnel Manager (Medical Laboratory)

"Your software support handled even my dumbest questions in a prompt and courteous manner. Thank you for all your help!"
Staff Manager (Continuing Care Facility)

"We liked the fact that Time Tracker is not a cloud base service. There are no monthly fees. It is a one time purchase; which makes it very affordable. With it installed on our server, we actually possess the data and control access to it."
Manager of Community Services (Assisted Community Living)

Guard Scheduling Software "Time Tracker paid for itself in just one month with the money we have saved from unnecessary overtime and shift premiums."
Guard Scheduling Officer (Prison/Corrections Facility)

"We require the scheduling of vacation time well into the future. This software allows us to schedule infinitely into the future - you can't ask for more than that."
Operations Manager (Investigation & Security)

"The focus of scheduling at our clinic is to ensure that coverage is properly maintained. Time Tracker allows us to easily monitor schedules for all of our staff. It is sophisticated software; just what is need for office scheduling."
Medical Clinic Director (Medical Clinic)

Hospital Scheduling Software "Time Tracker's capacity to track, report and analyze large volumes of historical activity has improved our ability to manage human resources and reduce payroll costs."
HR Manager (Hospital)

"We run a nonprofit community healthcare. We needed affordable employee scheduling software. Time Tracker is better and priced below any of it's closest competitors."
Operations / Employee Scheduling Manager (Non-profit Community Healthcare)

"By uploading reports to our web-site, we give our employees online access to their schedules. "
Service Manager (Community & Home Care Service Provider)

Library Scheduling Software "The time I spend scheduling has been cut by more than half. Employee scheduling is done in seconds. Scheduling has never been easier."
Personnel Administrator (Public Library)

"I manage a large Assisted Living community. We employ staff for medical, residential care, counseling, maintenance, meal services and you name it. We are scheduling employees 24/7, with many variables. Time Tracker handles it all, quickly and accurately."
Manager of Community Services (Assisted Community Living)

"Time Tracker scheduling software was the only choice for us. Casino scheduling is very complex and is subject to change on short notice."
Floor Manager (Casino - Security & Games)

"What can I say? We are an airport. We are open all the time. It is complicated making sure the right person is at the right place, at the right time. We use Time Tracker to schedule our security guards, maintenance staff and baggage handlers. This software works well for us."
Airport (Facility Management)

"The ability to email reports and schedules to our staff is great. It simplifies the sharing of information between Time Tracker and our people."
Independant & Specialized Support (Community Living)

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