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The End of an Era

After many decades of operation, Asgard Systems is no longer open for business and will no longer be distributing Time Tracker.

Time Tracker Users

For the majority of our user base, this will have no impact. Time Tracker users will be able to continue to use Time Tracker the same as before. The software is a robust product with features that will provide great service for a long time to come.

Support for most users will not be an issue. Most people have learned how to use Time Tracker by reading the online manual. The few calls that we have for support are often queries that the manual addresses or that can be resolved with assistance from IT.

Recovery from most situations may easily be resolved from back-ups. Always remember to maintain your back-ups.

Should you decide to look for replacement software, the best advice we can offer is; try it thoroughly before you buy it.

We thank everyone for their loyalty to Asgard Systems and Time Tracker over the years. We bid all a fond farewell.

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